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Cepe In the Henri Pittier National Park, in the central Venezuelan coast, ECE is one of the most serene and beautiful beaches of the state of Aragua. It is located a little further east of Chuao and it is cocoa-producing area. Land access is almost impossible, however, be reached by boat from Puerto Maya Choroni, from where the boat takes between 30 and 45 minutes to make the trip at a cost of U.S. $ 20 per person per trip (U.S. $ 40 per person return).

The relief of Cepe is varied and can be classified into three regions: the valley, cultivated with cocoa; two paradisiacal beaches and mountains.

In the Valley of Cepe is the village, a small hamlet, half an hour walk from Mija forests, flowers and plants from cacao. On that walk the good observers faced with a series of artworks by Jose Gomez, a modest self-taught artist who creates amazing work area. For birders this is a true paradise.

ECE-beach of white sand lapped by the waters of a beautiful pale blue, spreading over 700 mx 30 m. It is an ideal place for surfers due to large waves, but also for the children because a beach area is surrounded by a reef that stops the big waves and creates a natural swimming pool, ideal for relaxing. The contrast between the forest, sand and sea produces a mixture of colors difficult to match. Cepe beach with typical food kiosks and health, and if you want to stay, just 300 meters is La Posada Puerto Escondido, where he also runs a diving center, where the interested can obtain basic and advanced certificate PADI.
-PUERTO ESCONDIDO: This beach has two zones, one composed of rocks and reef at high tide natural function like small jacuzzi and a small and very quiet beach, 30 mx 5 m with powerful waves that form a corridor of rock, offering a show that no one should miss, as it constitutes the best evidence of the immense power of the sea. You can only walk and is located in the western part of Cepe.

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Henrik Bratfeldt
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