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Calle Trino Rangel 11, Puerto Colombia, Aragua, 2113, Venezuela

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Carel Tom is a rustic inn with beautiful artistic details in line with the environment that surrounds it. Located in a privileged place in Port-Choroni Colombia, near the beach, boardwalk and river; Tom Carel Inn offers the best service to its visitors to make your stay unforgettable. Tom Carel is served and managed by their owners who love and affection to build their dream, offering the best in his inn Choroni care and maintain its vision to improve every day. The inn offers its guests comfortable accommodation in its 11 comfortable and beautiful rooms, with capacity for 30 people. Breakfasts are delicious and worth recommending breakfast Creole, made with pure Venezuelan traditional flavor.

Rm types

Habitacion para 4
Doble para 2 pers.
Triple para 3 pers.

General & Area activities

This inn also offers its customers two types of tours: Tours Mountains and Rivers: In an excellent walk through the mountains we visit the heart of the Henry Pittier National Park just 20 minutes from the inn. Walking along the vegetation with pleasant climate, diversity of flora and fauna you can take spectacular pictures. You can learn beautiful rivers and natural waterfalls, where you can swim, relax and revitalize, sharing closely with nature. The walk takes about 5 hours, including transfer to the mountain with a guide and refreshments. (Minimum 2 persons) Walking to different beaches? Valle Seco, Chuao, Uricao, Cepe,

Check in - Check out times

2.00 PM (14:00). Start time 1:00 PM (13:00)

Driving directions

Located 400 meters from Playa Grande and 300 meters from the Malec?n.


200 Km from the International Airport Sim?n Bol?var.

Other transport

Offers shuttle service from Caracas Sim?n Bol?var International Airport, Valencia, Maracay and La Victoria.

Policies & disclaimers

After booking, no pets. 20% discount on Monday or Thursday

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Habitacion para 4 - 01
Max person: 4
Floor: N/A
Habitacion para 4 - 02
Max person: 4
Floor: N/A
Doble para 2 pers. - 03
Max person: 2
Floor: N/A
Doble para 2 pers. - 04
Max person: 2
Floor: N/A
Doble para 2 pers. - 05
Max person: 2
Floor: N/A
Doble para 2 pers. - 06
Max person: 2
Floor: N/A
Doble para 2 pers. - 07
Max person: 2
Floor: N/A
Doble para 2 pers. - 08
Max person: 2
Floor: N/A
Triple para 3 pers. - 09
Max person: 3
Floor: N/A
Triple para 3 pers. - 10
Max person: 3
Floor: N/A
Triple para 3 pers. - 11
Max person: 3
Floor: N/A
Tariff name Room/property type Min person Max person Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
Habitacion cuadruple para 4 personas Habitacion para 4 1 8 Monday, 27 April 2009 Saturday, 27 April 2019 45€   Per night 1 1000
Habitación matrimonial (2 personas) Doble para 2 pers. 1 12 Monday, 27 April 2009 Thursday, 01 April 2021 31€   Per night 1 99
Habitación triple para 3 personas Triple para 3 pers. 1 9 Monday, 27 April 2009 Thursday, 01 April 2021 36€   Per night 1 1000

Municipio Girardot

Sunday, 03 June 2018 26 23 Clouds few clouds
Monday, 04 June 2018 26 26 Rain light rain
Tuesday, 05 June 2018 26 26 Rain light rain
Wednesday, 06 June 2018 28 26 Clear sky is clear
Thursday, 07 June 2018 29 25 Rain light rain
Friday, 08 June 2018 29 25 Rain light rain
Saturday, 09 June 2018 28 26 Rain light rain
Semeruco II starstarstar at approximate 0.05 km
Price 10€  Per night
Colonial starstarstar at approximate 0.07 km
Price 11€  Per night
Don Miguel starstar at approximate 0.11 km
Price 3€ Per person per night
Posada la Parchita starstarstar at approximate 0.12 km
Price 13€  Per night
Meson Xuchytlan starstarstarstar at approximate 0.15 km
Price 11€  Per night
Turpial starstarstar at approximate 0.17 km
Price 13€  Per night
KPricho starstarstar at approximate 0.19 km
Price 13€  Per night
Posada Tahiti starstarstar at approximate 0.19 km
Price 39€  Per night
Posada Los Mujica starstar at approximate 0.19 km
Price 19€  Per night
Posada Choroni starstar at approximate 0.20 km
Price 19€  Per night
Semeruco I starstarstarstar at approximate 0.22 km
Price 15€  Per night
La Encantada starstarstarstar at approximate 0.24 km
Price 18€  Per night
Costa Brava starstar at approximate 0.25 km
Price 13€  Per night
Montanita starstarstar at approximate 0.27 km
Price 16€  Per night
Vista Mar starstarstar at approximate 0.27 km
Price 21€  Per night
Casa Riqui Riqui starstarstarstar at approximate 0.28 km
Price 16€  Per night
Posada Hanz starstar at approximate 0.29 km
Price 21€  Per night
Casa Mori starstarstarstarstar at approximate 0.36 km
Price 53€ Per person per night
Cachama Negra starstarstarstar at approximate 0.46 km
Price 14€  Per night
Posada Del Sol starstarstar at approximate 0.47 km
Price 38€  Per night
Pueblo Chico starstarstar at approximate 0.68 km
Price 33€  Per night
Estancia Akelarre starstarstar at approximate 0.79 km
Price 48€  Per night
Posada Bambu starstarstarstar at approximate 0.87 km
Price 25€  Per night
Portete starstarstarstar at approximate 0.89 km
Price 31€  Per night
Paradise starstarstarstarstar at approximate 0.91 km
Price 6€ Per person per night
Las Garcia starstarstarstar at approximate 0.92 km
Price 35€  Per night
Ranchos De Chano starstarstar at approximate 0.92 km
Price 64€  Per night
Bequeve House starstarstarstarstar at approximate 0.94 km
Price 66€ Per person per night
Casa Choroní starstarstar at approximate 1.94 km
Price 32€  Per night
Hacienda la Aljorra starstarstarstar at approximate 3.22 km
Price 14€  Per night
Posada Puerto Escondido starstarstarstarstar at approximate 10.15 km
Price 42€  Per night

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